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πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯The Magical To Do List!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

You know, once we start using gratitude , we get really happy saying 'thank you'  and feel all these

 and " I am on top of the world!"

           And then we turn back to our present and' real life' and we see so many immovable stones and untold 'Take diversion' signs that we believe in.

We compromise, we lower our expectations but we also remember our new motto( Be grateful no matter what) . So we get to that small cubby hole we think we have no choice but to inhabit and then we say 'Thank You'.

I am not saying that being grateful for the cubby hole is bad. Quite the opposite in fact.

Being grateful for that small thing becomes the only good part of the situation. What I am trying to say is, all those immovable stones? You can kick them right off your path, you can climb over them,

you can find doorways in them to places and people beyond your widlest imaginations. How , you ask? Gratitude ofcourse!
There is no impossible situation, no crippling circumstance that gratitude cannot overcome!

And there is only one thing you have to do: Recognize and realise that you are stuck and that life is meant to be extraordinary and also easy. Once you realise that there is a problem, you have to say thank you for the solution as though you already have it. Ta da! You will have it!
The Magical to-do list requires you to recognize and write down all those 'problems' in life which have been placed there for a reason.( you will know the reason after the journey or during the journey ; but the reason is there and it is a magnificent reason, not a  half way, shoulder shrugging, 'atleast I received this' kind of reason.)

Go through the list and feel as if you have received the perfect outcome to each situation and give your heartfelt thanks for that. Go forwards with your life, knowing that you have no barrier pushing you down and you are free to be and do as you want!

I have received loads of awesome situations that have inspired me to use gratitude to transform them and the results were amazing!
Our hostel has no continuous water supply. We get water early in the mornings and in the evenings for about a half hour during which we fill up our buckets. Recently however, my tap took on to only spewing lots of air and even more noise. This was happening in only a few other rooms and so people were saying that when the problem is this small in distribution, the management would never make it right. We would be forced to drag buckets of water from neighbouring rooms for the remainder of our college years.

So I closed my eyes and imagined lots and lots of water gushing out of my taps.

In my water starved state, I felt so darn happy by this picture I had in my head! I took that happiness and said,' Thank you for a magnificent outcome to water gushing out of my taps in torrents!'

I kept the ideal situation in my mind as free as possible, with almost no specifications and only one general theme to it: magnificence.

Two days was all it took. Plumbers came over and rectified the problem. It was such a simple situation but it had been so formidable before. But the resistance had been only in my head. When I removed that with gratitude, water started pouring out of my taps once again!

Day 18:

I am grateful for festival times because they serve as reminders for us to celebrate life!

I am grateful for the mass production of sweets and savories during festival times that take the celebrations to new heights motivating us to test our eating capacities and inspiring us to raise our stamina levels!( when it comes to eating)

I am grateful for rest stops and petrol bunks aplenty along highways because they are a blessing for answering nature's call with so much ease and comfort!

I am grateful that our teeth is covered by lips because if they weren't there, teeth would always be exposed and we would never know the beauty of a smile spreading across one's face!

I am grateful for the feeling of exhilaration when I breathe in fresh air because , while I am doing something I have to do to live, the action also gives me immeasurable joy and peace.

I am grateful for mayo and delicious sauces in wraps and rolls because they provide a burst of awe and delight as they swirl around inside our mouths, making my innards tingle and squirm with excitement!

I am grateful for the roads uphill having several hairpin bends because they allow a slow and safe ascent which should have been near impossible for a car/truck/bus had the road been straight up. This is awesome because I get to  see the beauty at the top and there is no trouble in the journey part, just even more beauty!

I am grateful for terraces because walks under the night sky with its millions of stars and a mildly lit up moon is pure bliss!

I am grateful for K Pop music videos because their bright and colourful backdrops and their even more colourful artists, their incessant use of jumpy dance-y beats and their awesome dance moves is perfect to lift up my moods and make me happy in an instant!

I am grateful for chubby members in my family because they make for great pillows , the most comfy ones in the world!


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