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Magnificent Outcomes!

These two words "Magnificent Outcome" has become a ... a catchphrase, I guess? for me , my mom and my sister. Whenever any of us feel like we are being pulled down by a problem or when we feel things are spiralling out of control , whenever we feel helpless, this practice has been our " Duh! Ofcourse life's easy and everything is happening in accordance with the life of my dreams" solution; it has been the gateway to emotional freedom for us taking the sting out of any situation.

It is maddeningly easy, this practice I mean, and according to my opinion, the most powerful gratitude practice of all!

All it takes is a moment of silence and reflection and realising our emotional standing;

 We then decide what we want to feel . And then , pretending as if the situation that gives us that beautiful emotion has happened already, we feel the emotion and dwell in it.

This is where I realised the art of manifestation. In the beginning, I used to fixate on the situation and the details and the colors , trying to make it perfect. But it was when I realised that the pictures were not important,

it was the emotion that we actually we wanted, that I truly began to manifest the most amazing things and people and events into my life!

With as little images and details as possible in the physical world and a greater, if not complete emphasis on pure raw emotion I felt a sense of exhilaration and peace unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

And then , I feel heart achingly beautiful , tummy tingling OMG OMGOMGOMG levels of gratitude!

This works for any situation , thing , person or event!

Can't sleep?

Thank you for a magnificent outcome to a great night's sleep!

Fight with a friend?

Thank you for a magnificent outcome to awesome reconcilation and happily ever after with my friend!

 Upcoming exam/ important event?

Thank you for a magnificent outcome to a great test/ exam/ event!

Anything is possible with the Universe and by using these magical words, the ramnifications are amazing!

I have literally never been more shocked with turns of events as I have after I started using this practice!

Sessions of potential reprimanding have turned out to be sessions of admiration and friendliness!

Health and energy have become mine to own!

Love and gratitude enswirls all of life's nuances! So many times, I have myself in the right place at the right time!

The people I love more than anything in the entirety of this Universe are now, yet again by my side!

I feel great, I get as many days off as I want, things and events flow effortlessly my way and life is beautiful!

Thank you for a magnificent outcome to EVERYTHING!

DAY 21:

I am grateful for lemons because they are amazing antioxidants and streamline my body's metabolism! The Elixir of Life does exist!

I am grateful for it being time for Diwali because Yay! for sweets and savouries in abundance !

I am grateful for getting to go to college because I am literally learning the Art of Saving Lives!

I am grateful for a beautiful drinking water tap right outside my room that spews out clear fresh refreshingly cold water 24/7 because water is Life! I get to drink from the Fountain of Life! (Ok...the Tap of Life)

I am grateful for funky backpacks that come out in fabulous designs and eye popping colors because they not only perform an invaluable function but they also look awesome!

I am grateful for people emphasizing academics more than they do, extracurricular activities and hobbies

because the zero pressure on these activities have let me realise their true magic and fall in love with them!

I am grateful for new notebooks because they are full of an emptiness that is waiting to be filled with anything and everything, the only limits being my imagination!

I am grateful for Walt Disney having believed that his dreams had the power to come true because of which he has added so much magic into the world of every child!

I am grateful to all those people trying to save planet Earth because I love it here where everything is so beautiful, a million times more so than my home planet!

I am grateful for the abundance of free time I have been endowed with all of a sudden because it is nice to just chill out and relax!




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