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Heart Magic๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’“

The heart is truly awe-inspiring , is it not?

It LUBS and DUBS without taking a breather and even gives more of itself when pushed past its comfort zones. ( Hello exercise!)
 It sends life pulsing through every cell and fibre of our bodies and it does this with no conscious requests from us!
And even though science has it proven that thoughts and emotions are the product of the humbly present goop within our heads, I FEEL stuff in my heart.
I think it is safe to assume that we all do. 
Liberation and freedom feels like an explosion of fresh air within my heart. Peace feels ....ummm....peaceful IN MY HEART.
  Every emotion feels as if it comes from my heart. I sure as heck don't know the reason for that, but the role of my heart in the way I perceive life and live is undeniable.
Even in the absence of thoughts and words, I still feel and I even understand. Sometimes better so than when there are words clouding my mind.
I guess "heart magic" is a way you understand the world within ourselves that does not not require words to be described; a way to see and feel a bliss so true and pure it cannot be described by words. A way to forget all that we have learnt about this so - called reality and to experience the real 'reality'.
We are supposed to close our eyes preferably and focus on our hearts. We then pretend that we are within our hearts or as if our heart is smiling at us;
Basically put, we do anything that makes our heart the one and only object of our focus. I found this easier somehow than focussing on my breath during meditation.
(maybe its attention grabbing thumping and bumping helps )

The best way I found, to focus completely upon my heart was to let it happen. I asked for focus and I let its presence and the essence of focus and calm wash over me.

Then, we say "Thank You" aloud or in the mind, imagining as if the words were directed to the heart or as if the words were coming from the heart. In other words , we take the energy of gratitude and the energy of our focus on the heart and we mix it up, holding onto either of them. I usually imagine my heart to be the centre of my Universe and the source of everything and I say 'thank you'!

Most of the time, a wave of thrill passes through me! Sometimes a deep sensation of calm surrounds me. Nevertheless, this practice made me a steadfast believer in the Magic of Life.
Apparently, this is the deepest levels of gratitude one can reach. Not surprising at all if you ask me.

Day 20:
I am grateful for the generous and abundant compliments that people give me because they add a bit of sparkle into those moments in life!
I am grateful for my health having returned in full force because I can begin taking baby steps towards the life of my dreams!

I am grateful for liquid soap because they  bubble up so easily!

I am grateful for so many hours in a single day because I get to eat so many times, I get to sleep peacefully, play and have fun, learn and have even more fun and I still have time to spare!

I am grateful for weekends at the end of every week because they act as this medium of pleasant change and make us all ready for the next week!

I am grateful for mops because they are the cause for spick and span floors and smooth shiny amazing floors!

I am grateful for the mirror in my room that allows me to recognize and enjoy my own company!

I am grateful to all those people who yelled at me because they did so with my best interests at heart
( intentionally or unintentionally) and have resulted in my growth and flourishment as a person!

I am grateful to all those people who get offended because I don't say "Hi!"(failing to remember that I am a nutcase living in bizarro world) because they have made me realize how valuable my smile and words are to this world!

I am grateful for those people who clean tables in restaurants and eateries because of whom I can comfortably place my elbows onto the table tops and eat blissfully!


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