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Have A Magical Day!

"To see and experience the most magical day of your life, you can be grateful for the whole day before you have lived it!"
                                         - Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

It was at this point in the book that I realised what Byrne's goal was: She aims to change the essence of every part of one's daily life  inside out ; and she does that successfully, for her weapon is Gratitude. And gratitude knows no walls; it is only about new ways. About light and glory.

First up in the book , there was changing the currents of the present and then most of the past . It was our daily routines then, followed by our stream of thoughts about the future. Now that it has all been infused with positivity of the purest forms, Rhonda turns her attention towards the present again.
Most days, we wake up with excitement. And those days are the ones when we feel no fear but we have no expectations either. There is only deadly illogical certainty that the day ahead is going to be great and we are going to conquer the world. And guess what? The day turns out to be even more awesome than the slivers of details that got us excited!

What if, it were possible to have every single day feel just as magical?And for something to feel magical one day and for it to still feel magical the next day, it has got to have something more, something new to it. What if , it were possible to make all this magic a certainty? 

I have seen how powerful this practice can be, first hand. Miraculous, I tell you. All you have to do is, make a list of your plans for the day or think through your schedule and imagine the best possible outcome for each event. When you feel the extraordinary outcome, you will feel impossibly grateful to whatever force that made it happen so.

Once, when I did this practice, I was feeling homesick and tired. I had a test that day I hadn't learned for and I was so not seeing myself cram it all in , say, 1 hour.

So I imagined freedom, peace and exhilaration and said "thank you" with all my heart because the day had turned out so perfectly for me. Within 5 to 10 minutes, there was commotion in the hallways and we found that college was out for a few days. It had been utter chaos all over the state for the past few days over some controversial issue. The mass protest had reached the college too and we had to be sent home for our own safety. I was awestruck! What had been a 'normal any other day' until then had quickly turned to "OMG! Is this really happening?" in a matter of minutes!!! Oh goodie!!!

That was the freedom part come true! The exhilaration part came true with a slight hint of freedom  in it, when I got to travel independently for the very first time , without my parents. I had so much fun with my friends on the way! I found peace in the scenery whizzing past me as the bus sped across villages.

                                             I found peace again when I reached home.

I received everything I had wanted out of the day and more! 

Each time I do this practice for the very same event the outcomes are so wildly different! Like, how many flavors can there BE for a weekly test? They are all similarly amazing but totally different, different enough to excite me and take my breath away!

And I have to end the practice, by saying,
" Thank you for the GREAT NEWS that is coming to me today!"
I was so surprised(good surprised) by the effect of this one line, that I began to do it as a daily thing. And I can only tell this: One can never receive too much good news! Each good news I received was  perfectly timed. It took my days up various shades of magical!

Day 14: 

I am grateful for the smell of mint leaves because it smells so good and peppermint's awesome too!

I am grateful for there being three official meal times - breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes, midday break and evening break too because we get to enjoy the joys of food and drink 6 times a day!!!!

I am grateful for the fridge in my house that keeps food good for so so long and yay for leftover dessert!!!

I am grateful for headphones because they are like a form of teleportation to a world of my very own and for me alone !

I am grateful for the slings on bags that make life so easy what with carrying heavy loads with so much comfort!

I am grateful for actual books with pages because the smell of books is just so heavenly and is a story in itself!

I am grateful for springy sproingy mattresses that go up and down and up and down and up......and down and up.... which is so much fun!

I am grateful for the lack of elevators in my hostel because I get to climb up so many flights of stairs every single day( and so many times too!) which makes my thighs, hips and butt burn so good!

I am grateful for a sister because I get to pretend I have a fluffy puppy( she is very cuddly) atleast until she swats my hand away when I coo," Pretty doggie!!"

I am grateful for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because they are the best combo ever!

( except for mayo and grilled chicken. Or chocolate chips and cream cheese....hmmmmm.....)


  1. Thank you for the GREAT NEWS that's coming to me today.Reading this line just made my day.your works getting better you FOODIE😂

    1. Thank you!!! Food is awesome isnt it???😊ee

  2. Thank you for making my day magical! U keep getting better everytime! I never knew that u had the talent of stringing words so beautifully together into sentences!
    Just kidding😜
    And BTW, i am not your puppy!..u are mine😔


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